Day 1
03 Feb 2020

Oracle Database 20c and the Autonomous Database

We are entering a new era in database with the introduction of the first ever Autonomous Database Cloud. Oracle Database has also switching to a new annual release model to support this new era. But what does this mean to you and how will it change how you interact with the Oracle Database? This session provides a clear understanding of how our unique Autonomous Database Cloud works and illustrates how it will impact both DBAs and developers. It also provides a unique opportunity to get ahead of the curve and learn what’s new in Oracle Database 20c directly from the Oracle Database development team.
Maria Colgan

Oracle TimesTen and Oracle NoSQL DB: Technology and Use Cases

A converged database, such as Oracle Database, is a smart choice for your enterprise data platform since it greatly simplifies application development, security and administration. However there are still cases in which carefully chosen specialized databases can help to complement a converged architecture for specific uses. In this session we will discuss two specialized databases: Oracle TimesTen In-Memory database for ultra-low response times for extreme OLTP, and Oracle NoSQL database for the ultimate in globally scalable key value processing. Both of these databases can be used to augment a converged architecture with their unique capabilities and deep integration with Oracle Database.
Tirthankar Lahiri
Day 2
04 Feb 2020

Oracle APEX – The Quiet Revolution in Application Development

Oracle APEX, the low code application framework included with Oracle Database, has quietly grown into a mature, modern and robust application development and deployment platform loved by hundreds of thousands of developers around the globe. Using a minimal amount of code, developers are able to quickly build scalable, secure enterprise apps, with world-class features, that can be deployed anywhere. Best of all, APEX is included for free with all versions of Oracle Database, including the free Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) and the Oracle Autonomous Database on the Oracle Cloud Free Tier. Oracle APEX delivers on the promise of low code, and enables organizations to be more agile and solution driven. Oracle APEX appeals to professional developers, line of business...
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Joel R. Kallman