Developers Track

Day 1
22 Jan 2018
8:00 - 9:00

Registration and Breakfast

Keynote: Oracle Database 18c and the Autonomous Database

We are entering a new era in database with the introduction of the first ever Autonomous Database Cloud. Oracle Database is also switching to a new annual release model to support this new era, with Oracle Database 18c being the first release in this new model. But what does this mean to you and how will it change how you interact with the Oracle Database? This session provides a clear understanding of how our unique Autonomous Database Cloud works and illustrates how it will impact both DBAs and developers. It also provides a unique opportunity to get ahead of the curve and learn what’s new in Oracle Database 18c directly from the Oracle Database development team.
Maria Colgan

Run Your VMware Apps Faster on Public Cloud than On-Prem

As enterprises look to public cloud to move their on-prem VMware apps, ease of move and performance is top of mind. Join us to learn how Oracle Cloud Infrastructures blazing fast bare-metal servers coupled with hardware assisted nested virtualization can run your VMware application faster on public cloud than you do on-prem, and help you scale your application horizontally or vertically. And yes, with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service you can move the application to cloud in less than a day.
Gal Moav

Docker for Dummies

You might (or might not) have heard of Docker. But you have no idea what it is and why you should care. But if you are a database or APEX developer and still work with Virtual Machines, it is about time to broaden your horizon. In this session you’ll learn what Docker is and how you can benefit from it in your daily work.
Roel Hartman

Best Practices for Developers: Why MySQL 8.0 and InnoDB Cluster Live Demo

This session will be split into two. The first part will be quick overview of the most exciting new features in MySQL version 8, the upcoming new version. The second part will be a live demo of InnoDB Cluster, MySQL newest fully-Sync HA solution, in action.
Ronen Baram
13:00 - 14:00


The Basics of Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning and why should I care? In this session we will talk about the basic concepts of Machine Learning: Features, Instances, Binary classification, Scoring and Ranking, and beyond. There are different models used in Machine Learning: logical, geometrical, grouping, probabilistic models, and model ensembles. We will talk about those models and learn a little bit more about Concept learning, Tree models, Rule models, Linear models, Distance-based models, and probabilistic models. After we have learn the basics of the models used in Machine Learning we will talk about Experiments in Machine Learning: what to measure, how to measure, and how to interpret the results. And in the end of the session we will take a look to the...
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Heli Helskyaho

Building Microservices with Kotlin

Next Insurance was founded in the beginning of 2016 and first lines of our production code started accumulating in May 2016. As the first backend developer I have started writing in Java and out of curiosity was experimenting with Kotlin. Kotlin just saw its 1.0 release two months earlier. A year later our entire backend development team is writing all of the code in Kotlin. We have 6 microservices and several AWS lambda functions all written in Kotlin. Migration from 1.0.x to Kotlin 1.1 was smooth and our developers are happy. In this talk I will cover the language features and why I think it is awesome and how it fits perfectly to our architecture.  
Haim Yadid

Let’s Talk About JVM Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is the most famous (infamous) JVM mechanism and it dates back to Java 1.0. Every Java developer knows about its existence yet most of the time we wish we can ignore its behaviour and assume it works perfectly. Unfortunately this is not the case and if you are ignoring it, GC may hit you really hard…. in production. Furthermore the information that you may find on the web can be a lot of times misleading. In this talk I will try to demystify some of the misconceptions around GC by understanding how different GC mechanisms work and how to make the right decisions in order to make them work for you.
Haim Yadid
Day 2
23 Jan 2018
8:00 - 9:00

Registration and Breakfast

Java 9 – New Features

Get to know the latest Java release and the goods it brings: turn your apps  into modules and generate standalone images, enhance your streaming capabilities, walk through stack trace like never before, enjoy shell scripting with pure Java and many more!
Rony Keren

Digital Transformation: we did it, so can you

In this session, we will review 2 case studies of organizations that have recently made the move from clipboard and paper / back office systems to tablet based mobile inspections. Learn best practices and strategies how to modernize your back office apps including considerations such as Security, device management and how to choose your tools and platforms. Includes live demos of Israeli customers who have gone digital.
Mia Urman

Java 8 Functional Programming

Reveal the power of dynamic invocation on parallel streams with Java functional programming. Learn how to use LAMBDA expressions and method references and create your own for implementing functional programming. Discover how to create your own functional interfaces and use it correctly on server-side developments.
Rony Keren
13:00 - 14:00


Machine Learning and Graph Algorithms in Building a Very Large Scale Identity Graph

We at Oracle Data Cloud are building an identity graph that connects all the fragmented presence of a person, both online and on the real world, into a single concise view. This allows us to better model a person behavior, target her, and measure the effect of a campaign on her actions. To build this graph, we apply a tiered model that can handle the very large scale of the graph (composed of billions of points) and be able to utilize the different signals we collect for a person presence. This model uses a collection of Machine Learning and Graph Algorithms that enable us to solve for identity while controlling the scale and the accuracy of the results. In this...
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Amit Moran

ChatBots – Why Does My Enterprise Need AI

AI – the newest buzzword, or a viable way to bring your business into the next generation? In this session, learn what all the hype is about and how you can leverage the newest trend to help your customers, and employees get the most out of your Applications. What is the anatomy of a chatbot? What products, languages do I need to have in my toolbox? What do I need to know to get started? help me build my first BOT and where do I turn to learn more ? Are all questions we will answer in the session. We will also show demos of ChatBots and how one comes to life!
Mia Urman

Question Time with ACEs & Ask TOM’s Chris Saxon and Maria Colgan

Q&A with Ask TOM’s team and Oracle ACEs
Ami Aharonovich
Neil Chandler
Christian Antognini
Bjoern Rost
Alex Nuijten
Martin Widlake
Chris Saxon
Maria Colgan