Constraint Optimization (or “The Difference One Comma Can Make”)

29 Jan 2019
17:00 - 17:45

Constraint Optimization (or “The Difference One Comma Can Make”)

A task can be done in a very short way and in a very long way. Which one will you choose? Knowledge is Power!
This session gives lots of interesting knowledge about an allegedly boring topic – Constraints.

And this *knowledge* will give you the *power* to optimize and make better decisions.

The behavior of adding columns and constraints to big tables in Oracle may vary significantly, in two aspects – duration and availability – based on the way we perform these operations. In addition, different constraints may have different impact, based on their syntax, types, states, locking, etc.

Attend this session to understand what happens exactly under the hood when we issue a simple ALTER TABLE statement, and how to utilize this knowledge for achieving better performance or higher availability.